Conflict in the Workplace

“A group or team will not be able to effectively grow and develop to it’s capabilities unless it is able to identify and work through the issues that are plaguing it.”

Mark Adams

At one point or another work groups have conflict.  How that conflict is addressed is critical to the ongoing productivity of the organization and the cohesion of the members.  It also has a dramatic impact on the customer, share holders and the public.  Conflict is natural but how we respond to it is usually ineffective and often counter productive.  This subject can often be so touchy that people often do not want to deal with it in hopes that it will go away on it’s own.  It won’t.  At best people will resume what they are doing but harbor resentments that will manifest themselves later or in other ways.

Not all conflict is bad.  Some conflict is beneficial and improves critical thinking and keeps employees sharp.  It is when this conflict goes beyond being productive and anger and resentment set in where problems start to rise.  Individuals have many ways of responding to the same event.  This is where it is essential for people to gain the skills needed to effectively deal with issues, better understand one another and remain productive.

Dealing with effectively with conflict sometimes requires guided facilitation to help process what is really going on between individuals in between individuals, teams, workgroups etc.  See Group Facilitation

Key Benefits

  • You and your team will learn powerful techniques to effectively deal with conflict before it becomes an ugly monster that is difficult to control
  • Individuals will gain confidence and feel empowered by better being able to solve their own issues and work with one another more effectively
  • By learning to work through conflict instead of avoiding it, individuals will have a better understanding of what is going on and be better able to improve work productivity and creativity

Are you good at dealing with Conflict?

Do you or your staff:

  • Shy away from issues
  • Blow up
  • Have trouble addressing, bringing up or dealing with issues
  • Let problems grow until they explode
  • Play games
  • Pretend conflict doesn’t exist or think that it will resolve itself?

Conflict in the workplace is a common occurrence that can be

both beneficial but costly if not addressed properly

Part of the problem is that people may be afraid of conflict or

don’t want to acknowledge they have it in their workplace.

Regardless of your position or title, this training (or a private consultation) will help you improve productivity, ease tensions and learn valuable principles that will enable you to better work with conflict in the future.


Whether you are a part of senior management, a new manager/supervisor or someone who wants to improve conflict competencies, this training is critical for you and your organization!

It seems to be in our nature to avoid conflict or deal with it in ineffective ways.  Because of this, issues grow, we handle them poorly (if at all) and we then spend too much time on damage control.

There are a lot of quick fix/band-aid approaches to conflict that typically only last a short time and do not provide the necessary tools to deal with conflict when it occurs.  More importantly, quick fix approaches do not arm you with the essential skill-set to work with and address issues before they develop into major conflicts or contribute to office tension.

Whether you are involved in a conflict of some kind or just want to develop your ability to work with and resolve issues at work, this training or coaching will provide you and your staff essential skills needed to effectively address and resolve issues that may be holding you back from higher productivity and cohesion.



hese programs will help you communicate better with:

• Teams • Customers • Staff • Leadership


Conflict training is the Foundation of good Leadership, Team Development, Superior Customer Service and Management/Supervision.


If you or someone on your staff is not able to work with conflict, address key issues or understand the dynamics of what is going on; your credibility and ability to lead are greatly diminished!!


*Individual coaching sessions available by appointment with flexible scheduling options.



We also provide specialized conflict coaching for individuals who need assistance with conflict/team related issues.

This provides a non-threatening method for staff to develop or fine tune their skills in areas such as peer to peer relations, supervision, customer service, teamwork, and leadership.


Do you have issues such as:

  • Employees withholding critical information
  • Passive aggressive behavior
  • Angry and hostile behavior
  • Power and control
  • Disengaged workers
  • Difficulty accepting change and direction


Coaching in these areas can be a great way to develop and work with an employee who is having problems in the workplace and can provide another alternative before other actions or consequences come into play.